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[TXT]Anchorage-Independent Growth Assay.htm17-Mar-2015 14:11 8.2K 
[TXT]Calcium Phosphate Transfection.htm17-Mar-2015 14:11 12K 
[TXT]Crystal Violet Staining.htm17-Mar-2015 14:11 3.3K 
[TXT]General protcol for a 125I EPO or 125I Leptin Binding Assay with HEK 293s.htm17-Mar-2015 14:11 11K 
[TXT]Glucose Transport Assay.htm17-Mar-2015 14:11 8.3K 
[TXT]Growing CHO cells.htm17-Mar-2015 14:11 7.9K 
[TXT]Growing FAO cells.htm17-Mar-2015 14:11 10K 
[TXT]Growing Rat-1 cells.htm17-Mar-2015 14:11 9.8K 
[TXT]Growth of 32D cell lines.htm17-Mar-2015 14:11 10K 
[TXT]Making 100mM Histidinol for selction of cells.htm17-Mar-2015 14:11 7.7K 
[TXT]Methionine label and immunoprecipitation.htm17-Mar-2015 14:11 8.3K 
[TXT]Mitogenic assay for 32D cells.htm17-Mar-2015 14:11 5.3K 
[TXT]PC12 cell protocols.htm17-Mar-2015 14:11 7.3K 
[TXT]Preparation of Neomycin (G418) stock.htm17-Mar-2015 14:11 4.8K 
[TXT]Radiolabeled Ligand Binding Assay on 32D Cells.htm17-Mar-2015 14:11 14K 
[TXT]Transfection of 32 D cells by electroporation.htm17-Mar-2015 14:11 16K 
[TXT]VEGF release assay Jessica Ye 14 Nov 2000.htm17-Mar-2015 14:11 3.3K 
[TXT]WEHI conditioned media prep for 32D or FDCP cells.htm17-Mar-2015 14:11 9.1K 
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